“Marriage is not a bed of roses but it has its beautiful roses, neither is it a walk in the park, but you can have a memorable walk.” Kemi Esho.

Truth is every marriage you see thriving and beautiful was not achieved by two partners who folded their arms and waited on God to make their marriage work. No! It was achieved by two intentional people who desired a blissful matrimony and worked hard to have what they both share. Marriage is a beautiful hard work that pays a price much more than you can think of.

Yes, marriage is not a bed of roses. Good things don’t come easy. The beautiful rose you admire has its thorns, but to get the rose, work has been done to remove the thorns. There are some things that are thorns that will want to spring up in your marriage. You don’t fold your arms in times like this. You have to prune the thorns to enjoy your rose (marriage).

There are times when it seems some disagreements are not just agreeing to end, what do you do? You’ll have to agree no ni. To make your marriage work, blur your lens on your partner’s flaws, and make the focus sharp on their strength. Be optimistic about your marriage. No one has ever gotten blind by looking on the bright side of life. Your marriage is how you see it and what you see it as.


Making your marriage work begins with your mindset. If your default mindset has been the negative all along, then you need to renew your mind and embrace positivity. Take up the foxes, the little foxes that destroys the vine of your home. Nobody will take it up except you and your spouse.

Also, what is your contribution to the health of your relationship? Criticisms or praise? Anger or peace? love or hate? Think on these things.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,