I watched the movie, Overcomer in January after I saw a reminder on someone’s status. I had had it in mind to watch the movie since a friend of mine told me to watch it. The whole of the movie was an emotional one for me. Tears dropped at a point and lessons where learnt in virtually every scene.

I particularly want to share marriage lessons, like the title already denotes, I learnt from the movie. The lessons will be drawn from the home of Mr. Harrison and his wife. They make a really good copy worthy of emulation. Now, I did not say perfect, and I did not use model in describing this couple. While we can learn from them, they are not the yardstick.

Straight to the lessons.

Lesson 1: Be Your Spouse’s Friend
Coach Harrison and his wife were friends and they could easily share things with each other. From their classes at school to coaching and practically anything. They were friends with each other.


Lesson 2: Be There For Them At All Times, Regardless
There was a time when Coach Harrison was losing it because his basketball team members were moving out of time and he had one to coach. He was a coach without a team and it was getting the best out of him. His wife came to help and he snapped at her which made her cry. The one that struck me most was the fact that she did not hold it against him and she came back to reassure him of her love for him, and how she was right there for him at all times. This was a wow moment for me in the movie. She could have sulked all day and given him cold shoulders, but she didn’t. If she had, she would have created a gap between her and her husband. Her singular act of coming back brought them closer.

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Lesson 3: Accept Your Fault And Apologise
The scene where Coach Harrison accepted his mean attitude towards his wife and asked for her forgiveness attracted a thumbs up from me to him. “I have been a jerk. I am sorry, please, forgive me.” Those were his words. He did not stop at accepting his faults, he went a step further to ask for forgiveness, How sweet! This is a lesson for everyone. He also affirmed his love for her.

Lesson 4: Be Your Spouse’s Number One Teammate/Cheerleader Etc.
When Coach Harrison and his wife went to the hospital together to see Thomas, he introduced her as his number one teammate, and she truly was. She wasn’t a coach. She was an arts teacher in the school. But from the time Harrison was asked to coach Cross Country runners, she jumped in with him. One as his teammate, as his encourager, and as his cheerleader. She walked her talk of being right there for him.

Lesson 5: Pray Together Always.
This lesson can’t be overemphasized. A couple that prays together stays together. When they were at a crossroad on whether or not they made the right decision of introducing Hannah to her father, they prayed together about it. Their kids even saw them do that. None of them was standing on what they felt or did not feel, rather, they held hands and committed it into God’s bigger hands.


That’s all I have for you. If you haven’t watched it, do so. If you have, share your lessons.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,