Late last year, I was in church and sitted rigt beside me were two children who were engaging in playful fisticuffs while prayers were going on. I separated them and held the girl in my arms while she was shedding tears I chose to play deaf to. I released her after a while and she went to meet her mum. Later in the day when we went out for publicity, I saw her play around, and I stretched out my hands to her and she took it happily. We became friends again.

One thing I’ve learnt about children is that they don’t have the heart to keep grudges. In a moment you see two kids fighting and vowing not to play with each other and the next thing is you see them together like they never fought. Such an easy going and peace-loving life.

I adjure you o couple, by the mercies of God that for the sake of your marital happiness, be like children. Be childlike, not childish. In your daily interactions with each other, have a childlike heart towards your spouse. There is no way you both will not seldomnly step on each other’s toes, but the heart of a child in you that lacks the capacity to hold grudges will make for peace easily. Be like children!


A child doesn’t wait for the other child who offended to beg first. Because they want to continue their play, any of them will hand out the olive branch first. They swallow their ‘pride’ and go and beg so that they keep enjoying what they enjoyed. Let this principle apply to you. Be a child in not having to wait to e begged before forgiving your offender. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t necesarily mean you were the engineer of the annoyance, and it doesn’t take anything away from you. The only thing it stripps you off is the pride that wants to destroy your relationship with your spouse. Be like children.

When you spank/ scold a child, they sulk for a while and come around again. They rarely dwell in that state for a long time. The same goes for you dear couple. Wait, I’m not saying you both are spanking or scolding each other. Definitely not. You’ll have reasons to correct some wrongdoings in your spouse. No one is perfect so we still have flaws. In such times, there’s no need to sulk for long. You know whatever correction was for lovesake, and nothing more. Be like children.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,