I would have loved to see what my husband will write about this topic since I shared on the other one, “Enjoying Your Wife’s Body“. But he is very busy at the moment, so I’ll share from my perspective as a woman and infuse what I know at least some men may expect from their wives.

When it comes to this topic, it is often believed in this part of the world that wives should come off as shy around issues like this. You are expected not to be ‘too forward’ or even initiate sex. You are expected to wait till your husband wants it. This may have been the mindset in a particular period fuelled by cultural notions that believed that only men should find pleasure in their wives and the pleasure women should seek should be that their husbands get satisfied.

This should not be the case in marriages. It should not be the yardstick when it comes to sexual relations and intimacy in marriage.

Just the way wives enjoy feeling wanted by their men, so is it that men enjoy knowing that their wives want them, wants to have sex with them, want to cuddle or just delight in exploring their body however way it is that is pleasing for them both.

So, the ultimate thing to have in mind is to be able to enjoy your husband’s body, everything starts in the mind. Understand that you are in the perfect confines where sex and enjoying your man’s body is very normal. The problem for most people is that they have been conditioned to see sex as a dirty act. As something that should only be initiated by the husband. 

The gift of intimacy is for you both. It is not gender specific. Don’t short change yourself and enjoy what lawfully is yours.

Christ at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,

Juliet Ambali