Who comes first?

Your kids? Your friends? Your job? Your siblings and parents? I don’t think so. If it is then there is a bit problem.

We can’t over emphasize the point that your spouse comes first after God.

As for your children, they will leave you the way you left your parents when you found your sweetheart, so why do you want to put them above the person you vowed to love till death.

As for friends, they’ll come and might go, but your spouse will remain forever under normal and appropriate circumstances.

As for your job, you’ll retire one day, you might leave that job one day. Just one day. You can’t be glued to that job forever.

As for your siblings and parents, they have become extended. Besides, you’re not one flesh with them. They become water and your spouse becomes blood.

As for anything in this life, they’ll come and go, but your spouse will always stay.

So, I ask again, “who comes first?”

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,


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