Hi! Hi! For the sake of those who don’t know who I am, or better still who don’t know my name (everyone who reads my blog consistently and reads to the end should actually know my name, particularly because my name comes at the end of every post). Anyway, I’m Kemi, the brain behind Home Talks, your favourite blog.

Today’s post puts the spotlight on me as I’ll be revealing to you six things about me you probably don’t know when it comes to the subject matter of marriage. The first thing might surprise you.

1) I Never Loved Any Discussion That Had To Do With Marriage
The best way you could make me tune off from any discussion in a group or with individuals is to bring up the subject of marriage. Just do that and you’ve completely lost me, It was so bad that people around me then knew me for that. I don’t know why, but I completely had a disinterest in the topic of marriage. This often came with a remark that it’s people like me who end up getting married early. It came as a surprise to me as well when the subject of marriage became my primary interest and I chose to dedicate my blog it. Now, if you want to have my ears, center the discussion on marriage.

2) I Once Said I Wasn’t Going To Get Married
At a point in secondary school, I declared I would love to have been married by a certain age. Fast forward to few short years later, I changed my mind on this thing called marriage. There were reasons. It seemed as if everything I did or was being made to do had the end goal of marriage. It was always in line of ‘your husband’s house’, ‘your husband this and your husband that.’ As if that was not enough, someone once told me that it is when a fish is wet it can be easily bent without it breaking, but when it’s roasted and dry, it can’t be bent because it will break. Interpretation. It’s now that I’m yet to be married that I can be ‘shapened’ for my ‘husband’s house’ once I’m married, it’s too late. Another reason was that I had grown to be independent and willing to handle things myself and I thought to myself that was the need of a husband except for kids’ sake.

Well, this is no longer the state of my mind because my mind has been renewed, and I known there is more to marriage tha what has been painted. The bad narratives also added to my initial decision, but that has got nothing on me again. #RenewedMind

3) I Got My Motivation To Start Writing From A Leader
I was present for a final year brethren’s meeting while I was in my penultimate year because I was to take pictures for them. After the meeting, I walked up to the man who was invited to speak and asked him the question that had been bothering me. It was to the tune of being single and having interest in marriage and family life. He said, “marriage is based on principles and not on experiences.” You know what, that was the push I had to change my blog focus. Besides, principles are universal and experiences are personal.

4) I Still Have My Fears
I won’t lie to you, there are times I fear I might fall short and this marriage thing may not be what I think it is or should be. Sometimes, I hear some really bad cases on a marriage that had hit the rocks and I shudder. This sad narratives still get at me sometimes, but one thing I do is that I don’t allow it take root. I look out for the good ones and renew my mind with what God has said in His Word concerning my marriage.

5) I Pray And Think Positive About My Marriage A Lot
You know the point preceding this is about how fear jumps at me, right? This is my antidote. Since I’ve learnt the power of prayer, I pray almost everyday- just something about my marriage being whispered into God’s listening ears. I write about marriage, quite alright. It’s one thing to write, it’s another thing to do. I ask for as much grace as I need to actually do when the time comes. Closely related to my praying is thinking (painting a mental picture of what my marriage will be). At least, te Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. It also records that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I ask (prayer) or think. So, why not pray about it and think about it? You can read my post on prayers for my marriage (insert link

6) I Write On Marriage And I’m Single
This is the most obvious one, right? Yes! I’ve heard remarks on how I’m single and I write on marriage, and closely following such remarks is what experience do you have? Well, I might not have personal experiences, but I have observed experiences, and it is always best to learn from the experiences of others, sieve out the good from the bad and take proactive steps in your marriage. Also, I wrote a post February 2019 about why I write on marriage. You can read up here (insert link). I’ll conclude by saying that I have a married woman who writes for Home Talks. Shout out to Mrs. Juliet Ambali. You’re appreciated, ma’am!

Let me conclude with this. God has been my major source of inspiration. There are things I write down and after reading, I just say this is nothing but divine wisdom. I also read lot of books on marriage. Marriage books make up to 70% of my library.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much Love,