“Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation…” (Mark 14: 38 ESV).

Who made this statement? Jesus

To whom was the statement made? To His disciples.

On what occasion? Before His betrayal

So, how does it apply to the subject matter of marriage? Read and learn!

Christ’s admonition of watch and pray is more of spiritual and it talks about being careful about falling headlong into temptations that may come our way in this journey of life. I want to personally believe that it also as a message to the married folks, and to singles waiting for marriage. Don’t you think? Let’s reason together.

Most times, couples are very vibrant on the praying side of the admonition, but err on the watching side. Caveat. I’m applying the scriptures to the subject matter, it is not the interpretation.

It’s good to pray as a couple, but do you watch? Do you watch the words you speak to each other? Do you watch your actions? Do you watch your attraction or things have fallen apart now that you’re married? Do you watch your interactions with members of your family?

Do you watch at all?

Now, to the single guy/lady, I know you’re praying or you’ve prayed and you now know the one, but are you watching or ‘love has blinded your eyes?’ Do you watch to see if there are some things you can tolerate or not tolerate? Do you watch to see if there are red flags or not? Do you shine your eyes?

Do yo watch at all?


Temptation here is not the kind of temptation you’re familiar with but in this context, it is anything that makes the marriage sour.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy

Much love,