I was at the bus stop one day when a woman and her son walked up to the woman selling selling toys. She picked a toy gun and he picked another and they were both testing the gun.

The boy must have watched movies where they used guns a lot to display such ‘expertise’ in how he handled the gun at his age. Judging from his physique, I doubt he was up to 7 years.  That’s beside the point though.

It left me wondering and I felt I should address it. Growing up, guns were not in the least of toys my brothers played with. I remember when my mum saw them with a toy gun that a neighbour brought to our house, she gave them a good beating.

You might want to wave the toy gun and any other toy at all as a mere toy and nothing more. Dear, there’s something more. There’s everything more. It’s not something you should wave off as insignificant.

Children are very impressionable. What you expose them to at their tender age goes a long way into their adulthood. Giving them a toy gun is as good as making them see violence as no big deal. They watch how guns are used in movies, and with their toy guns they practice it and on and on it goes.

The same goes with other toys that do not help them in any way but portray violence or any ill.

As much as you can, protect your children’s mind by curtailing what they play with in the name of toys. What you won’t want them practising when they grow older, don’t encourage them to do with the toys you buy for them. Be intentional and selective enough to know the kind of toys they play with. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,