“Father, I say till death do us part help, I want to mean it with all of my heart, help me to love you more than I love her/him, and I know I can love her/him more than anyone else. And  bring her/him in your presence today, make her/him what you want her/him to be. I pray to hear her/his heart. I pray s/he’ll love you more. I pray to cherish/strengthen and serve her/him and bring you glory today.”

This is an extract from John Walker’s song “Marriage Prayer.”

Many people,—I’ll be focusing on my fellow single folks—seem to have taken their focus off the marriage and concentrated more on the wedding. They also do not put prayers into consideration in the making of their home.

While there’s need for physical preparation for marriage, the spiritual aspect which basically but not limited to prayer is of utmost importance in the success of a home.

The lyrics have depth, and I’ll implore you to take out time and data to download and soak it in, and not only that, pray with it.

You can also check out a post I wrote here for some prayer points you can pray for your home.

P.S: if you’re married, don’t neglect the place of prayer in building a sound, healthy and godly home.

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,