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Dear diary,

When I was twelve, I fell ill and so did mum. Dad had taken my sisters out for a friend’s birthday party. Mum told Aunty Halimah to bathe me because I had vomited on my body and I was too weak to help myself. Aunty Halimah did a good job. She was the one bathing me for one week because mum was too weak to lift a pin and dad too preoccupied with his girls. Aunty Halimah started touching me in a funny way and she would ask me if I liked it.

I shouted at her the first time she touched my penis and she threatened that she wasn’t going to give me food for disrespecting her, and that mum could not do anything. I went to meet mum that morning but she was still sleeping. I woke her up and she glared at me. She said that I should leave her alone, and I should meet my dad or Aunty Halimah for anything I wanted.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I went to meet dad. He saw the tears in my eyes and shouted at me that big boys don’t cry and that if I wanted to talk to him, I should wipe the tears off my face. I went to my room and wept. That was the last day I told dad anything that happened to me. Aunty Halimah came to my room in the afternoon with my best food—Jollof rice and plantain.

At night, she crept into my room and locked the door with the key. Her leg hit the edge of the bed and she stifled a scream before flashing her teeth at me, a cynical smile in her eye. She told me not to tell anybody, and that I was now a big boy to enjoy what she was doing to me. She dragged me close to herself and placed my head on her chest. She said I could always put my head there if anything bothered me. She took my hands and ran it on her breast. She said it was only for big boys and that I was now a big boy. She slid her hand into my boxers and fondled me again.

My body shook all night. I jolted out of sleep at the sound of the slightest movement. I woke up and my thoughts were filled with everything she did to me. When I went to school on Monday, I told my teacher what Aunty Halimah did to me over the weekend. His face flashed in a smile and he asked me if I liked it. A part of me enjoyed the way she put my head on her breast because that was how mum hugged me before my sisters came. I nodded in a yes and no. He told me he was going to show me another one I was going to like. My heart stopped beating for a moment. I wanted to run but my knees were weak and could not carry me. I nodded my head like a lizard but my heart was rent to pieces.

At the close of school, Mr. Kola told me not to join the school bus that he would take me home when he was done showing me what he wanted to show me. He took me to the back of the school building. The teachers on duty were at the gate monitoring parents and guardians who came to pick the students. He told me to pull my trousers. He pulled his own midway and turned my back to him. I shouted in pain and he quickly held my mouth with one hands and the other hand held me tight to him. Tears gathered in my eyes when he was done. I couldn’t walk well, and he helped me to his car. He promised me that he was going to buy anything I wanted if I did not tell anybody. He also said I should promise him that I would always give him what he wants.

When I got home, dad and mum were not around. Aunty Halimah gave me my food and went to do other things. When dad and mum came back, Aunty Halimah told them I was not feeling fine. Mum stood at my door and peered into my room. She yawned and said she would see me the next day. She never did because she had to catch an early flight. Aunty Halimah came to my room that night. She locked the door with the key gently and tapped me. I sat up on my bed and saw her naked. I quickly covered my face with my duvet. She removed the duvet and told me I was old enough to see her like that. She moved closer to me and unbuttoned my pyjamas shirt.

She took my hands and told me to touch her. I withdrew my hands in a haste. She glared at me and told me she was not going to give me food for the next three days if I did not do what she said. I could see the seriousness in her eyes and I had no choice but to obey her. My hands trembled as I placed it on her bare breast. She smiled at me and called me a good boy. She ran her hands on my chest and placed it on my crotch. She used one hand to pull the back of my head and buried it in her chest. Do whatever you want, she whispered in my ears as her hands began to fondle me.

When she was satisfied, she dressed up and left my room. That became our routine almost every night, and when mum and dad traveled, she would come to my room and tell me that she wants both of us to sleep naked together. My teacher also continued his own in school. Mum and dad could not have known because they were so blind to see my pain. Their business, my sister and the money they wanted to make clouded their view. When I wanted to tell them what was happening to me, they always said I should talk to them later that they were too busy. I quit trying and I just continued to endure what Aunty Halimah and Mr. Kola were doing to me.


Shalom sank in the rug and dug her hands into her bushy hair. She ignored the mucus that had gathered at the tip of her lip while she read the story. Anger burned in her eyes as she pounded her fist on the floor. Shame, guilt and bitterness washed over her. She sprang up from the floor and charged at Andrew, holding him by the collar. “Where were you when all these was happening to my son? Where?” She slapped his chest, and he pushed her away, glaring at her. Shalom slapped herself severally and burst into fresh batch of tears. Andrew was shaken. He could not believe what happened under his watch. His mind raced with what he was going to do to the devil that lived under his roof, and robbed his son of his innocence, but he was more determined to get to the end of the journal so he could know the extent of the damage done and the punishment he was going to mete out.


Andrew flipped another page.

To be continued…