Hey, Kemi! What are you talking about? What’s has love language got to do with marriage again? Just too many terms on top of this marriage matter. Urgh!

Wait, don’t tell me you’re hearing this for the first time. Oh no! Ok… the term love language can be ascribed to a famous author on marriage- Gary Chapman. He wrote a book on it I’ll recommend you have in your library.

It’s vital you know your spouse’s love language so communication is not halted in your home. Not knowing your spouse’s love language is not healthy for your marriage. You’re not making any significant deposit in your marriage bank.

Imagine giving a Cat a milo drink when it loves milk, or giving a Monkey carrot when its best is banana. In fact, imagine yourself speaking Hausa to a French man. All these scenarios simply paint pictures of what happens when you don’t speak love in the way your spouse understands.

Your spouse is a physical touch person and you’re good at showering gifts on them whereas he/she craves your touch more than your gifts. Your gift might be appreciated but it is not feeling your spouse’s love tank. The same goes for a spouse who is a quality time spouse, and you don’t spend enough time with them, but words of affirmation are not few and far between. Your words might be appreciated, but spending quality time with them will be more appreciated, and it will top the gauge of their love tank.

What then is the importance of knowing your spouse’s love language?

Knowing it helps you speak it, and it brings you and your spouse closer to each other in a special way. If your marriage is ailing, knowing your spouse’s love language and actually speaking it to them will bring the desired healing you need for your marriage. It shows that you’ve studied your spouse enough and you’re willing to serve them in a way they’ll appreciate above anything else.

I’ll be running a series on The 5 Love Languages in the weeks following. I’ve written stories on them which I’ll also be linking. All of this for you because I love you so much.

Remember, Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much Love,