We are all aware of the power of the tongue: can build and destroy, can mar and make, can cause progress or hinderance, etc.

If words can do these things depending on how we use them in our relationship with siblings, friends and acquaintances, how much more do you think it can do in a marriage relationship which is a covenant union.

I know there are some people who are not easily moved by words, but there are others whose  key to their heart is words—words of love, encouragement and affirmation.

If you’re one whose spouse loves words of affirmation, you should be ready to give loads of it to fill up their love tank because nothing might fill it up like your affirming words flowing out of the stream of love towards your spouse.

Let’s be practical. How can you practice this?

  • Be your spouse’s praise singer, their number one cheerleader. Don’t leave this to outsiders. Let your spouse know that when they’re off the stage there’s someone on standby to sing of their good works.
  • Don’t be stingy with complements. It doesn’t cost a dollar to tell your spouse how beautiful, handsome, thoughtful, kind, etc. they are. They know these things, but they want to hear it from the one who holds their heart. Shower your spouse with complements, loads of it.
  • Change your style. You affirm your spouse with words of mouth daily and that’s great. Write it as a letter, an affirmative love note, as a sweet text. Anyhow you like it, just change your style.

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Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,


Love is Words