Imagine you come back from work or the market, and getting to the kitchen you see all the dishes you were to wash already clean and arranged in the right place. Also imagine that your pile of laundry has been taken care of. How would you feel?

I’m certain your heart will bless whosoever has taken that burden off you and you’ll be indeed happy. The way you feel is the exact way your spouse whose love language is acts of service will feel. Do you know what you’ve done for that spouse? You’ve made their day and made their love gauge shoot up.

Acts of service could be one of the zero-cost gift you’ll give your spouse that will be greatly treasured. There’s no one who doesn’t appreciate when a burden is lifted from their shoulder. Serving your spouse in love shows you’re following Christ’s steps—He served his disciples and He was a servant-leader. It also shows you’re thoughtful and you’re looking out for your spouse.

Remember it’s the little things that matter when it comes to relationships. How can you serve your spouse in love?

  • Ask. You can make it a practice each day to ask your spouse if they need help and how you can help them. Don’t think they’re superheroes who can handle things themselves. We all need some help. I kid you not, your spouse will appreciate it.
  • Take the initiative. When you see that your spouse is in need of some assistance, take the step to help them. Doing things alone could be boring, working as a team could be more fun and it makes the work go faster and the burden lighter. Stepping in when your spouse needs help speaks volume.
  • Don’t grumble. Whatever you want to do, do it cheerfully and with all of your heart. Your ‘act of service’ spouse will not appreciate you serving them grudgingly, nobody does. So, serve in love, serve with joy, serve with the mindset that what you do for your spouse, you do for yourself.

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Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy.

Much love,


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