The book, A Withered Flower that was first written in 2016 as a short story has now metamorphosed into a novella. I honestly did not envisage it to turn out how it turned out as the story decided to take wings and fly, and I was left to simply follow after it.

There are people who will resonate with the story of the major character, Tomi–they’ve been left to the elements. There are people like Ms. Halimah whose hearts are large and accommodating, and they have nothing but love to give. And there are people like Tola, who for whatever reasons are consumed with themselves until they see the light. However you resonate with the story, it isn’t about you, it’s just a story.

While this story is purely fictional, I’m sure there is something to learn from it. Download a copy of the book, and I’ll love to hear from you.


This is a 26 pages book that contains prayers, promises, declarations and thanksgiving for your marriage. The prayers, promises, and declarations are just guides.

Download a copy below.