Love, joy and peace: three ingredients that make a home rich. They make it beautiful. They make it blissful. Where there is love, there’ll be joy, and peace will be a constant. Love is sacrificial. Love is selfless. Love is not proud. Love gives no room for the enemy. 

A home that has love has joy. The joy flows from within. It’s not forced. It is a beautiful rhythm sung by those who have it. It’s a perpetual state of life and being. 

In a home that has joy, peace will flow naturally. It’s a tranquil state. There’s no bickering. There’s no bitterness. There’s no striving. Peace is constant. It doesn’t wane. 

What kind of home do you desire. You can have a picture of what you want in your home, but ensure that you ask that you’re bound together in love, joy, and peace. 

Love overflowing. Joy unending. Peace abiding. 

Jesus at the center makes the home godly and happy. 

With love,