Why should we be considering the legal aspect of discussion? What business has that got to do with a child whom you have chosen to be a part of your family forever?

It’s important I write on this aspect because there’s need for orientation to make people understand the legal effect of adoption. I was in a discussion with a group of people, and when I mentioned adoption, one of them said it was risky because of the likelihood of claims to the child later in the future when the child becomes well to do or a person of importance. It is for reasons like this and people like this that I have decided to write on the legal aspect of adoption.

Adoption, if done legally, and due process is followed to the latter becomes final and binding. It is absolute. The birth parents of the child relinquishes all their parental rights to the child and it is transferred to the adoptive parents who take full right and have complete access to the child in question. Once the birth parents consent to give the child up for adoption, they cannot at a later time seek to lay claims to the child. The law protects the child and adoptive parents from such frivolous case if any arises in the future.


Another implication of the law is that the adopted child has full rights as that of a child the adoptive parents might have biologically. It also means that they are within the prohibited degrees of affinity—a biological child cannot marry an adopted child of the parent. The adopted child also has rights of inheritance, and should not be excluded in the Will of the parents.

The law also provides a guideline on how to go about the process of adoption so that there are no issues that will arise in the future where due process is not followed. The ministry in charge of adoption in Nigeria is the Ministry of Welfare or Equivalent. You have to go through them to make sure you’re following the legal process for adoption. It’s a long and quite costly process, but it pays off in the end, and you won’t fall into the hands of wrong or dubious agencies who sell children.